The mood of the patient before the operation plays an important role, physicians consider

Researchers from Emory University found: the outcome of the operation depends not only on the training of doctors and technical equipment of the hospital. Play a role in the mood of the patient before the operation. The study involved 230 people that have passed through the angiography. This surgical procedure is used to visualize vessels and definition of further tactics of treatment, says Zee News.

Patients before surgery filled out questionnaires to determine mood. The researchers divided people into groups according to the intensity of positive and negative emotions. The data of the questionnaires the researchers compared the rate of complications during the procedure.

It turned out that a positive attitude twice reduced the probability to encounter one of the complications of angiography. In the group with a good mood only in 12% of doctors noted deviations, whereas people with a bad mood, lack of oxygen, pressure surges and heart rhythm were noted in 22% of cases.

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