The mood of the mother is transferred to the child

Those moms who are very anxious perceive what is happening psychologically affect their child. This fact is proved by psychologists. It turns out, excited and anxious parent status not only transmitted to the child, but also reinforces his feelings of pain, writes The Telegraph. This is especially apparent during the passage of such a procedure, like a vaccination.

Dr. Nadia Reissland of Durham University States: children feel maternal anxiety, and this adds to their pain. Of particular concern to mothers, who are the first child because they don't know how will be vaccinated and what her child will be consequences.

Disturbing the mood of the mother contributes to the accumulation of negative experiences, which discourages them from further vaccinations. And because of this, children miss scheduled vaccinations, which can lead to such serious consequences as infection infections.

Dr. Reissland watched with colleagues for 50 mothers and their children at the age of two months. Scientist analyzed the pain of children at three stages: before, during and after vaccination. It was found that children who were first-born of their mothers, felt more pain than the second or third children in families.

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After the procedure mothers were asked how they assess the degree of pain in their children. Most of them score was extremely high: that is, they once again stir up the situation. According to experts, this attitude is wrong.

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