The modified protein is one of the reasons for the development of hypertension

Hypertension is a disease whose development is influenced by a number of factors, including lifestyle, heredity, environmental factors. On the eve of scientists from the University of southern Denmark found protein mutant, which increases blood pressure by defects in cell membranes of cells. Data published by the online edition of Health India.

The "holes" in the cell lead to an increase in the number of interstitial fluid, which enters the bloodstream. This becomes a cause of hypertension. Of course, in addition to the protein, there are many factors that determine the presence or absence of elevated pressure. However, the development of drugs to deal with this problem is a really promising direction.

Defects in cell membranes are formed in the area of monitoring the concentration of salts. A normal cell is able to adjust its volume with the help of receptors, increasing or decreasing the amount of sodium inside. Disruption of potassium-sodium pump increases the pressure.

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