The mirror trick can ease arthritis

Pain from arthritis can be reduced, using the principle of optical illusion by which scientists will be able to fool the brain.A simple trick visually replaces painful arthritis of the healthy limb, resulting in a brain believes that feels less pain.A technique that is used to help disabled people overcome the pain of "phantom limbs", can help millions of people suffering from symptoms of arthritis without the need to take drugs.In a small study, scientists from the University of California in San Diego has helped eight patients reduce pain in average by 1.5 points on a scale of ten minute after the treatment.In the experiment, a crippled hand in the field of view of the patient is replaced by the reflection of a healthy and forced to copy her movements.Illusion convinces the brain, the hand in the mirror was his hand arthritis, and the patient feels as a consequence less, as reported by Laura Case, the head of this research. "Our results show that a simple and inexpensive materials, such as mirrors can be used to reduce the pain and suffering caused by this common disease. Many patients reported less pain and stiffness from this illusion," she said.More than nine million Britons suffer from arthritis, relying on physiotherapy, dietary supplements, and drugs for pain relief.Osteoarthritis, when the protective cartilage becomes thin and the bones in the joints RUB against each other, is the most common form of rheumatoid arthritis, additionally, when it is the immune system attacks the body and causes swelling of the joints, making this disease more painful.

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