The miraculous "resurrection "of the dead" baby shocked the staff of the Argentine hospital

In Argentina the child, who was born ahead of his time, was adopted as stillborn, on the basis of this "diagnosis" doctors immediately was placed in the fridge morgue. After 12 hours the crying baby was found by their parents, who returned to the morgue, to make funeral arrangements post-mortem photography. Now the girl is diagnosed a stable state, reported New Scientist.

As stated by Ruth Fretts - specialist stillbirth, birth mother of the child occurred in the 26th week. During labour and the birth mothers have given a sedative. Anesthesia, apparently, had an effect on the child (it is likely that the child has improved respiratory disorders). Bringing doctors from the Perrando hospital de Resistencia apparently decided that the girl was born dead, because she found no signs of a heartbeat. Thus, he was diagnosed with death.

Frets further States: "In most developing countries, data stillbirths so high that doctors often for children born prematurely, do not want to fight. This can cause a terrible outcome - living child easily can be mistaken for dead.

Meanwhile, the body in preterm children is protected and produces large quantities of stress hormones. It is this factor that has allowed you to survive Argentinian girl. But hypothermia, which has been observed at birth, who introduced childbirth doctors astray. Currently, the clinic is an official investigation.

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