The Ministry of health will prohibit the sale of alcoholic tinctures in pharmacies for alcoholics

A simple and effective method was invented in the Ministry of health as a way of limiting the sale of tinctures of hawthorn, peony, motherwort and Cayenne pepper with a high content of alcohol. Now in any pharmacy you can buy tincture in a large container (about 200 ml). Soon manufacturers will be obliged to sack the tincture and alcoholic disinfectants of the skin in a mini container.

While the exact list of drugs not. There is just an idea that I want to make a reality. Soon from the shelves of pharmacies disappear 200-mililitros tincture. They will replace the mini-containers of 20, 50, 75 and 100 milliliters. So the cost of the drug will increase, to buy it in order to use large quantities of it will become meaningless.

"Manufacturers of infusions understands that earning segment of the market, which the pharmaceutical industry is irrelevant. However, benefits (medical products not subject to excise duty, in contrast to alcoholic beverages). And as long as hawthorn is cheaper than a bottle of vodka, the pharmacy will operate as shops", - commented Nikolai Bespalov, head of rating projects of the Center of marketing researches "farmekspert".

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