The Ministry of health surveyed residents of Russia about the relationship to free medicine

The Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova shared data from the survey that most worries the Russians in the provision of free medical care. The survey involved 90 000 people.

Over the past three years, the satisfaction in the quality of healthcare in Russia increased by 5%. Particularly hard, according to residents of Russia, work better ambulance and local therapists. The degree of confidence in public clinics has also increased.

Some facts from a survey by a stalled even the respondents themselves. To the first question, paying for medical care, 88% responded in the negative. When clarification was provided, some services still were paid. As a result, 40% of people even in public hospitals gave their aid money in excess under the policy of free health insurance.

Today, nearly 45% of Russians use the services of private clinics. Only for 2014 Roszdravnadzor has recorded half a million violations related to the forcing patients to pay for free health care under the compulsory health insurance.

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