The Ministry of health of Ukraine is determined to

The Ministry of health of Ukraine has initiated a ban on the sale of medicines to children whose age does not exceed 14 years. The Ministry of health has developed a draft order, which will be officially presented on the official portal of the Ministry.

The project applied the explanatory note, which sheds light on the objectives of the draft order. According to the note, this document will serve to resolve the situation associated with abuse of young persons drug.

In addition, the Ministry of health of Ukraine intends to make the minimum distance between pharmacies fixed: for cities with more than 1 million population, the distance between pharmacies should be at least 300 meters, and in towns with population less than one million this distance should be 500 meters.

The Ministry also proposed to oblige the owners of drugstore chains for every ten pharmacies, can contain one, which will be produced medicines.

In the future the Ministry also wants to make a mandatory provision of information regarding commercially available drugs, in which there is one active substance.

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It should also be noted that in the spring of 2012, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov promised that in the near future drug prices will be reduced by half, and most drugs will be sold by prescription.

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