The Ministry of health of Cuba declares: Hepatitis eradicated

Cuban scientists a few years ago was to develop a vaccine against hepatitis b, after which health workers was carried out mass immunization campaign. In the person of Maria Fonte Reyes officials today formally reported: "Hepatitis in our country among persons under 15 years are already over 23 years not observed", reported Xinhua.

We are talking about the vaccine Heberbiovac HB, produced in Havana Centre for genetic engineering and biotechnology (Cuba). Since 1992, every newborn in Cuba inoculated domestic vaccine against hepatitis "B". Vaccination are students, health care workers and patients on dialysis.

To date, all residents of Cuba in the age category younger than 31 years vaccinated. This enabled a significant reduction in the incidence of manifestations of hepatitis 99,09% in comparison with the 1989 year. Last year, for example, there were only 21 cases infected (all the people affected were aged over 30 years). Centre for genetic engineering and biotechnology exports hepatitis vaccine order in 40 countries.

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In addition to similar vaccines, also in recent years in the immunization programme were included vaccines against meningitis, pneumonia, whooping cough and diphtheria. But the main achievement of scientists Liberty Island is the creation of the world's only and unique vaccine against lung cancer - CimaVax-EGF.

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