The Ministry of health Israel warns that electronic cigarettes are harmful to health

The Israeli Ministry of health issued an appeal to the public with a warning that electronic cigarettes, which have recently gained popularity, can be extremely dangerous for health.

Use Minsara States that up to this time in the world was not conducted in-depth studies that prove the absolute safety of electronic cigarettes, and was not brought their effectiveness in a difficult struggle with Smoking. Meanwhile thorough inspections that have been conducted in several countries, showed the following: some brands of electronic cigarettes contain substances-carcinogens, which is evidence that they can cause cancer.

The Ministry also stressed that today the production of electronic cigarettes and cartridges, has not ratified standards, and as a consequence samples of the same "series" can contain different concentrations of a substance. That's the reason the quality certificates that provide manufacturers may not provide a reliable guarantee.

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While none of the suppliers for the importation into Israel of electronic cigarettes has not received official permission.

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