The MoH has updated guidelines on nutrition. It says that you need to eat less bread and potatoes and focus on fish, vegetables and fruit. "Recommendations designed to promote health in children and adults, prevention of non-communicable diseases and conditions caused by deficiency of micronutrients", the report says.

The last time changes to the recommendations were made in 2010. Since then some figures have changed slightly. Six years ago doctors recommended that the man engaged in physical labor, to eat in a month 95-105 pounds flour (bread, pasta, pastries). Now, under the new recommendations, should be consumed in a month no more than 90 kilograms of pure carbohydrates.

"Recommendations to reduce the presence of bread and potatoes and sugar in the diet absolutely correct. These foods Russians eat a lot, which is not very healthy. Another thing is that such a choice they made not because of the taste or other food preferences, and based on ability to pay. Fish, vegetables and fruits for many categories of citizens - not cheap, anyway. And hardly the situation will change in the near future", - says Leonid change of the Cold, the former head of Department of development of agriculture of the Government of the Russian Federation.

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