The Ministry of health has estimated the average salary of doctors in the country

The Ministry of health has estimated the average salary of doctors in the country. Such counting specialists of the Ministry of health ran once in some regions of Russia have been protests against the reduction of the salaries of health workers. After the calculations, it became clear that the average salary of doctors in the country grew by 16 percent, when compared with the same period last year. Thus, last year at this time she was 29 695 rubles, while in the current year salary amounted to 34 358 rubles.

Increase the salary of medical assistants was 15%. Wages in this category of health workers increased from 16 to 19 877 355 rubles. The medical staff Junior staff will gain: 9 624 RUB their salary reached 11 062. There is a positive trend, but at the same time, the Ministry of health understands that the received data is rather average. In the health office does not deny that in some regions, in fact, there was a reduction of wages. As reasons for this phenomenon are the fault of local authorities and management of medical institutions, as well as bureaucratic delays. But in most regions there is a principle, which was originally planned by the Ministry of health: the average salary of a physician must be a minimum of 1.3 of the average wage in the region.

Lately, physicians often Express their attitude regarding the new system of remuneration, which came into force this year. It is known that previously paid amounts were fixed, however, at the moment, the salary of a doctor depends on the number of patients and the quality of his work. From the regions went to the flow of complaints about the decline in wages and the increase of turnover. It came to the President, who understand this issue and explained that the reason unbalanced system of payments, and it will soon have to start to function correctly.

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