The Ministry of health has banned the "coding" of alcoholics and drug addicts

At the time, "coding" was in great demand among people who deal with drug addiction or alcoholism. Yevgeny Bryun, the chief psychiatrist-narcologist of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, I am sure, nothing but quackery, this method does not carry. He signed an order prohibiting such activities on the territory of Russia.

Here is one of the excerpts in the document: "to Prohibit the use in GBUZ "MNPT addiction MBT" methods of treatment of narcological patients, not included in the Standards for the provision of primary health and substance abuse treatment, including various types of subject-indirect suggestion of a ban on the use of alcohol or other psychoactive substances (coding, SIT, "torpedo", the implantation of a drug ESPERAL, method 25-th frame, the encoding Dovzhenko and its variants and so on)".

As you can see, while we are talking about banning the use of different coding options only in a health care facility. The main objective of the methodology is the deception of the patient and money laundering. There are formal ways that help to deal with drug addiction, for example, detoxification therapy, official drugs, psychotherapy.

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