The Ministry of health clarified the procedure for the treatment of Russians abroad

Health Ministry of the Russian Federation was adopted regulations establishing a new order in the direction of Russian citizens for treatment abroad. In mid-may 2012 in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" published an appropriate order, which was signed by Tatiana Golikova, the Minister.

The regulations specify the list of documents necessary for referral of the patient in foreign clinics through money from the Federal budget, as well as the processing time of the Commission of the Ministry of health. Spelled out in the document base, which allows the Commission to refuse the assistance.

The Ministry of health identifies five main steps of providing this service, beginning with registration and reception, as well as review of documents. Besides the application, the client needs to provide to the Ministry a copy of your birth certificate or passport, as well as extracts from medical records of discharge summary issued visited the Federal medical institution. In addition to the discharge summary should be supported by the opinion of the medical Commission on available evidence, are required to send patients abroad, as well as indicating the recommended method of treatment and diagnosis.

According to the regulations, the Ministry has the ability to send the patient for further treatment and clinical examination in one of the medical institutions of Russia. The final stage of providing public services is a contract with a foreign clinic, on the basis of which, she agrees to cooperate with the Russians, and agreement with the patient about the cost savings and the allocation of money for treatment.

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The patient will be denied providing such services in the absence of the necessary documents, as well as the existing opportunities to obtain needed medical care on the territory of the Russian Federation. To refuse a patient in the treatment and management of foreign clinics.

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