The Ministry of health calls to inform workers of medicine

It is known that in Russia everything is not so smooth with the work in medical institutions. The Ministry of health believes that some problems can be solved by the patient, if they start to complain in the right instance and pass the state and the shortcomings of the modern clinics and hospitals.

This system will help better represent the government of the state of medicine. This will help to improve some of its branches. Today, February was received about 20 thousand applications for phone service, and most of them are requests for medical assistance. It is worth noting that most people received support and resolved the issue by using this service. The regulation obliges employees to respond to the call and take action within 10 days.

The third quarter, according to the workers, not as active on requests. There are 2.5 thousand hits. These changes in the number, experts say, may be associated with changes in medicine in some regions.

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