The Ministry of health: a new wave of flu is expected by March

The current recession is the incidence of the illusion of the end of the epidemic, experts from the Ministry of health. A new wave of flu could take over Russia in March. "Domestic virologists is monitoring the strains circulating in nature. There is no reason to believe that the incidence rises will be significantly different from what we see traditionally," - says Oleg Salagai, a spokesman for the Ministry of health.

Now there is a gradual decline in the spread of the virus. Positive impact these measures: careful monitoring of sick on the part of doctors and quarantined in most educational institutions and Universities.

After the epidemic of the influenza virus And experts expect a rise in the incidence of flu B. the Second wave of infection is predicted in the month of March. This year from flu complications died almost 400 people. It is possible that this figure will increase.

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