The Mexican nation was recognized as the most well-fed

For a long time argued that the full nation they are Americans. Of course, smoke without fire, and the Yankees really mostly suffer from excess weight, but all the same "fat" it's the Mexicans. Not so attractive title they should thank fast food, sedentary work and the soda. According to the research conducted by the UN, worldwide overweight affects about 1.5 billion adults people, and obesity 350 million.

Specialists have found that about 70% of Mexicans are overweight, and a third of diagnosed obesity. This, of course, is reflected on the average incidence of various cardiovascular diseases, renal failure, diabetes, cancer, various diseases of the biscuits and others. Mexican fast food contains a lot of products that cause problems with excess weight, among which stand out corn tortillas tacos with pork, beef, cheese, sauce, beans, lettuce and shellfish, as well as tacos tamales with quesadillas, meat and pepper.

Obesity in Mexico is suffering mainly young people and the poor. This is due to the fact that they regularly eat fast food and almost no exercise. As noted by Professor national Institute of nutrition, Mexico Abelardo Avila, the worst thing is that the children are pre-programmed for obesity.

On the second place in this unenviable list, as expected, were the United States, on the third Syria. Fourth place went to Libya and Venezuela (they have identical performance, so they divided this place). Fifth place was left for the Caribbean state of Trinidad and Tobago. In the "coveted" top ten were also countries such as Argentina, Iraq, Turkey, Czech Republic and Chile. The second ten broke New Zealand, Malta, Lebanon, Slovenia, Israel, Panama, Hungary and Australia. Nineteenth place went to our country (obesity affects a quarter of the population), and locked the twenty Foggy Albion.

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