The medicine from marijuana can help in the treatment of epilepsy

The new tool should help young patients with severe forms of epilepsy, when standard anticonvulsant drugs do not help. As a basis for medication, the researchers used a purified cannabidiol. Pre-testing Epidiolex were successful.

The drug was given to 61 children with epilepsy. With him the children were given standard anticonvulsant medication. Control group during the study took only one anticonvulsant.

According to the obtained results, Epidiolex, together with standard medicines reduces the frequency of seizures by 39%. The indicator in the control group was only 13%. Cleaned cannabidiol safe for baby's body and does not affect the psyche. If successful, doctors will get the most effective agent for the treatment of epilepsy. The creators of the drug plan to capitalize on it by 2021 more than $ 1.1 billion.

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