The measles virus can help in the treatment of aggressive forms of cancer

Scientists suggest that the measles virus can be used to treat aggressive forms of cancer. For their study they have created a special version of virus and injected a big dose of the woman with cancer. On the background of the treatment the woman was cured, writes The Times of India.

After treatment was recorded in complete remission myeloma. For six months the symptoms of cancer in women it is up. The virus acted only on cancer cells, while healthy tissue is left intact. This method was already applied in two patients. They have decreased the amount of protein in the bone marrow, and myeloma went on the decline, say the experts from the Mayo Clinic.

Patients received one dose of the modified virus intravenously. Modification possessed toxicity only for myeloma cells blood plasma. At the moment myeloma treated with Immunostimulants. In some cases the disease can be cured, but sometimes cancer adapts, so the development of new improved means of treatment is so necessary.

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