The means preventing the use of alcohol, scientists tested

Tablet forcing people suffering from alcoholism to drink less alcohol, according to its creators, could save them from alcohol dependence. The drug blocks the mechanisms, which in the case of alcohol behind the pleasant sensations", writes The Telegraph.

The drug should be taken only if the person will go, for example, on any celebration. In other words, in a place where he can appear overwhelming desire to "kiss" to the glass. The test showed the tablet together sessions with a psychologist significantly reduced the volume of alcohol consumed per day by more than 50 percent and reduced the number of "days drunkenness" that is important for alcoholism.

The creators of the drug, also known as nalmefene, were employees of a pharmaceutical company Lundbeck. Today the drug is not yet licensed and currently is undergoing clinical trials. However, its side effects are already known. Among these effects are: nausea, dizziness and fatigue. As well as long-term insomnia, debilitating vomiting, symptoms similar to a cold, excessive sweating.

Dr. David Collier from Queen Mary University and Medical school of Barts comments: "In the testing of the drug involved volunteers who have a real problem with alcohol. For semi-annual testing of average volume of alcohol consumed per day decreased from 84 grams (about 1 bottle of wine) to 30 grams (about a large glass). And the number of days outside of sobriety" has decreased from 19 to 7". The figure is impressive and speaks for itself.

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