The mass dismissal of Nigerian doctors after the strike

788 doctors who took part in an unsanctioned protest, lost their jobs, reports the BBC. This protest took place in the Nigerian state of Lagos. It was attended by over thousands of Nigerian doctors, and it began on April 16, the duration of the strike amounted to three days. Health workers was planned that the protest will come all the doctors in the specified state, but some of them still remained on the job.

To ensure that the loss of staff in hospitals, the government has hired almost four hundred specialists. At the moment recruitment continues next. Alamia EDUSAT occupying the position of Chairman of the Union of physicians, said that the government's response to the protest - not that other, as a complete hypocrisy. In addition, he said that more than ninety percent of discharged medical staff have no regrets about perfect.

Physicians who participated in the strike, demanded that the state government only promises of 2010. In the promises of the authorities included increasing doctors ' salaries and lower taxes. The April protest Nigerian doctors for the last three years was the fourth.

When doctors went on strike from all staff in the health facilities was only nurses. As reported by portal allAfrica, most patients filed complaints regarding the lack of proper medical care, a few people waiting, died.

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After the protest, the authorities demanded explanations from all the medical staff who have left the work without the permission of the leadership and in violation of the rules by which it is possible to hold protests. Doctors who answered all questions of the government, have left to work.

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