The marinade of beer reduces the harmfulness of roast meat

Interesting information on the eve of the published edition of The Times of India. It turns out that beer marinade can significantly reduce the amount of carcinogens in grilled meat. Established were confirmed in the study, scientists from the University of Porto (Portugal).

During heat treatment of meat formed polycyclic aromatic carbohydrates. Exhaust fumes and tobacco smoke, for example, also include those substances that are typical carcinogens. Beer, tea or wine marinade helps to reduce the danger from fried foods.

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In the study, researchers were soaked meat in dark and light beer. Next, the meat was held thermal processing. It turned out that dark beer is the best fights with the formation of carcinogens. If we compare this figure with meat, fried without the marinade, the reduction was about 50%, which is a decent indicator.

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