The many faces of candidiasis

Candidiasis or thrush is a disease that causes excessive multiplication of Candida. It affects the digestive, respiratory and urogenital system. Mushrooms are permanent residents of our body, but their increased reproduction, begins due to the weakening of the immune system, viral infections, colds, diabetes and seasonal avitaminosis. The disease can also develop on the background of medical treatment with antibiotics and pregnant women, especially in the third trimester. When the first symptoms of the disease should consult a specialist who will microsporia taken during the inspection of the stroke. The paradox can be considered that the treatment of candidiasis is the antibiotic that is often the root cause. Before prescribing antibiotics, the patient is usually offered to be tested for sensitivity. Then, on the basis of the results of the test and the stroke, select effective, are able to suppress the activity of fungi, the drug.The most frequent candidiasis, respiratory or stomatitis. In this case, assign the reception antibacterial and anti-virus tools, polyene antibiotics, antisimmetricheskikh drugs and ointments, contributing to the natural process of tissue regeneration. If the disease occurs in young children, it is prescribed pain medication. Local treatment of thrush includes rinsing the mouth with solutions of alkali, iodine, aniline dyes.Candidiasis genital infects the vagina in women. He is not transmitted through sexual contact, however, with the discovery of this disease in one of the partners to undergo treatment, it is necessary both to prevent its reoccurrence. Treatment for thrush is aimed at suppressing the activity of fungi that caused the disease. For this purpose, prescribe antifungal drugs and money. As a topical treatment prescribed vaginal tablets, creams, candles, creams and solutions. When candidiasis, affecting the skin, fungal sepsis and fungal meningitis prescribe fluconazole.Thrush arising on a background of pregnancy, not treated with creams and pills that contain clotrimazole. Recommend a medication such as Gino-Pevaryl, Pimpkin or Marginal. For prophylaxis is recommended: - to eat and to normalize weight; - to include in the daily menu of foods rich in lactic acid bacteria, which inhibit the growth of fungi in the gut. These include dairy yogurt, garlic, leaves of walnut, propolis, cranberries, grapefruit and pink pepper; - to give preference underwear from cotton fabric; in case you use during intercourse special lubricants, to give preference to its water-soluble species; - avoid douching, which, according to experts, disrupt the natural flora of the vagina; - to carry out daily hygiene of the mouth.

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