The man spent the night with a nail in the brain

the 32-year-old Dante Autolo worked with the pivot of the gun in his house in the suburbs of Chicago, the tool misfired, and a nail " whizzed by the head of Dante, at least he thought so. Actually Mr. Autolo shot right himself in the head with a 3.5-inch nail, but just didn't realize it. He Neve quietly went back to work and spent more days with a nail stuck in my head.

The next day he was feeling nauseous and had a headache, so I decided to go to the doctor, where x-ray and found a nail in the skull. Family Autolo and he sámi were amazed. His bride said it was just a stupid joke.

"He could walk, talk within 36 hours with a nail in the brain," says the mother of Dante.

After the discovery of a nail the man was taken to the medical center, where he performed an operation for removing the nail. In the morning he did not feel well and was eager to return to work.

"He was screaming in the house that tomorrow will be a big snowstorm, then how he will be able to work," said one of the doctors.

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