The male life expectancy is reduced

Based on the results of the U.S. census, the scientists found that women live longer. According to their calculations, per 100 women aged 100 years or more, accounted for only 20,7 men of the same age.

American scientists doing research in the field of life expectancy, as well as the factors influencing it, found nothing progressdialog in this statistic.

According to their explanation, the trend of reducing the lives of men are not a new phenomenon, and are observed all over the world. This can be explained by the peculiarities of the female body.

The reduction of life expectancy of men can cause serious demographic problems, because of the duration of life of the strong half of the world's population depends on the continuation of the human race.

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American scientists are ready to offer their observations and recommendations to the U.S. government to stabilize the demographic situation in the country.

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