The male brain does not respond to a baby crying

When the baby is healthy, he may cry for up to two hours, if he is sick or has colic, then weeping may last up to 4 hours. Scientists conducted a study to determine how a baby crying in adults, according to Medical Daily. In this study involved 18 people.

The results of the experiment found that only the female brain responds to the crying child. The researchers put the sound of children crying and simultaneously scanned the brains of study participants. The scan results showed that the male brain remained indifferent to the children's cry, while the female brain is immediately concentrated on the sounds produced by the child.

During the research work the scientists have analyzed the activity in those brain areas that are directly connected with the so-called "stream of consciousness". It should be noted that the brain activity of men radically differed from the brain activity of the female. However, the absence or presence of children among the participants of the experiment does not affect the results.

Interestingly, listen to the recording of crying children diagnosed with autism, interrupted "stream of consciousness". As you know, the cries of children with autism have a higher tone, and stop between screams shorter than that of children suffering from autism. In addition, it was shown that pictures of children's faces, shown to the participants of the research, the activated areas of the brain that are responsible for the preparation of speech and movement, and the sense of reward. Areas of the brain were activated, even in cases when the photo was captured someone else's child. Animal pictures shown to the volunteers, such effect is not exerted.

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