The male body is a mystery to him

Own physiology men known pretty bad. According to The Daily Mail, the survey suggests that they are much more knowledgeable about the machine parts. In particular, 9 out of 10 men come easily to define the oil dipstick, but parts of the body caused them problems.

For example, some were unsure about the location of a vital sexual organs in the ear. According to experts from Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor, the survey was aimed at finding out the most common causes of erectile dysfunction and symptoms of genital infections.

Overall, 89 percent of respondents recognize the radiator. But only 6% were told about the reasons of erectile dysfunction. Error one-third was in recognition of skinny jeans-guilty dysfunction, and every tenth is associated with frequent Masturbation. According to a survey of 1500 men, two of five, nothing was known about the signs of sexual infection.

And when attempting to determine men of the location of the genital organs (those that produce sperm, and the sperm ducts) only 52% were able to give the correct answer. According to the 12th, it's all about the ear.

According to each of the twentieth, dehydration indicates the presence of a sexual infection. According to a statement every tenth, erectile dysfunction occurs due to hot weather and spicy food. Says Dr Tom Brett, the occurrence of problems due to the desire of men to "hide your head in the sand" because of shyness when discussing such matters.

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