The role of the head of the family, strongly injurious to health men if all cases handled by him only. Suffers not only physical, but and nervous system, telling scientists from the University of Connecticut.

It was always assumed that the man is the breadwinner and head of the family. Some wives play on this feeling, reserving for himself a minimal role in maintaining a common household. You do not need, say the researchers. Just a couple of years of this life, and any man would be psychologically broken, which will affect his health.

In especially difficult situation there are men on the verge of dismissal. Loss of the greater part of revenue has not only the family budget but also the psyche of men. Scientists recommend wives to be more attentive to their husbands, support them.

Interestingly, the distribution of responsibilities of the head of household has a positive effect on women. Management positions usually enhance the self-esteem of the fair sex and bring ladies a feeling of comfort.

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