The main types of diets pros and cons

Any diet is primarily a limitation, but is it useful to the body as we think.

Low carb diets

To melogliptin diets include protein or protein diet, the Kremlin diet, diet Montignac, Atkins, Pevsner. Their principle is to minimize the consumption of sugars. So if carbohydrates in the body is supplied with abundant, they turn into fat, and if their will be less than the body needs, the body will start to use deferred fats. Prohibited products: all starchy (bananas, potatoes), as well as bread, cereal, sweets, sugar, vegetables. To absorb such a diet is hard enough, because the body does not receive the necessary sugars. The results may not appear for quite a long time, because the body needs time that rebuild metabolism. Before you begin any diet, you should consult a doctor. Cons: the quality of skin and hair, increased irritability, dysbiosis, and also increases the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Such a diet can be used in the short term (5 days), but consultation of the doctor is obligatory, otherwise you can hurt the kidneys.

Diet with low fat content

Maleinovyi diet is a method pritykina and diet Dina Ornish. The basic principle is the reduction of fat intake per day up to 30 - 50, If you reduce the fat content of the diet, it will lead to gradual weight loss. A ban on the following products: butter, lard, cocoa, fried foods, vegetable oil, i.e., all products with high fat content. You will lose weight slowly, a week anywhere from 2 to 5 kg Therefore, such a diet must become a way of life. With long-term use diet leads to deficiency of fat that the body of man does not produce. In consequence of deteriorating appearance, reduces libido and sexual function. In the short term to use the diet is not necessary, since the result will not be.

Diet with restriction of protein

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Malobelkovaya diet is, for example, diet Kim Protasov, raw food diet. The principle of the diet is the exclusion of proteins and cleansing and ridding the body of toxins. If the body cannot receive the proteins, the systems of the body become more active and they do not have to expend energy on splitting. But even nutritionists do not recommend to exclude proteins completely. All products that contain animal protein also eggs and dairy products is prohibited. The effect of the diet you get after two weeks. But, alas, more often than not disappear fat mass and muscle. In the short term will not bring results, and is traumatic to the body as a whole.

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