The main symptoms of hemorrhoids

Practice shows that this disease is usually diagnosed by two main characteristics. These include the loss of nodes and the occurrence of bleeding from the anus.

These symptoms of hemorrhoids appear, usually in the later stages. The clinical picture, which is celebrated in the beginning of the disease, usually expressed weakly, so it rarely pay attention.

The main symptom is considered to be bleeding. Their reason is the poor supply of venous walls with oxygen, which leads to thinning and erosion. In the thick of a stool while passing through the rectum hurt hemorrhoids. The process is accompanied by pain and bleeding.

She always has a bright red color. The second important difference is bleeding from gastric and intestinal - that they are never abundant. Despite this frequent urinating blood loss may be so intense that the patient will develop anemia, that is a deficiency in the body.

Bleeding hemorrhoids can bother the patient prior to defecation, as well as during or after it. Often the scarlet traces found on toilet paper and even underwear. Blood is always on the surface of the stool, and not inside. In rare cases, it follows the stream after emptying.

Among other manifestations of the disease include:

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Fraught with hemorrhoids and complications, even so serious as thrombosis. Then to the listed symptoms are joined by others, which makes the clinical picture is more diverse.

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