The main supplier of contaminated foods is recognized as Asia

"The Asian region has been active in the export of fish contain unsafe levels of antibiotics," says the study by the Ministry of agriculture of Australia, according to the edition 9 News.

As the experts note that a similar influx of dangerous products is celebrated this year. Five batches of fish from Vietnam has managed to get into the "black list". The fish could not pass the test biological safety because of the enormous concentration of enrofloxacin. For analogy, we can say the following: three party "Vietnamese" fish, which raised doubts experts, was identified for the entire past year.

The antibiotic enrofloxacin among specialists is considered to be quite effective in combating gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms that are resistant to other antibiotics. Besides fish, this tool is used in reference to cattle.

In General since 2010 in Australia has not been able to get about 1 thousand and more products imported into the country. The first "honor" belongs to the goods from China. This is followed by the products, which exports India, Italy, Japan, Korea and France. In addition to antibiotics, the products were detected Listeria and cholera vibrios.

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