The main psychological types of people

All people can be divided into four psychological types, one of them phlegmatic, other sanguine, third melancholic and fourth choleric. Each type of their traits, their abilities.

Phlegmatic is very slow and thoughtful people, they don't like to rush, and designed finish. Say phlegmatic people slowly, slowly. Movement of the phlegmatic measured and slow. Just don't like change and prefer routine.

If that person gets in unfamiliar company, he will only communicate with those who know better. Afraid to make the discomfort to their presence. The work selects the tranquility that you do not want to change the type of activity.

Sanguine - these people are active and love to make friends for themselves. They are very energetic and healthy. They say loudly and gesticulate a lot. Although sanguine movable in the inner world they are calm. If he had failed, after a little time he forgets about it and continues to live on.

The type of people who do not like to sit in one place, they constantly need to move. All the work used to do at one time, leaving for later. Sanguine are the soul of the company, they are easy and simple to find a common language.

Melancholic melancholy and sad people who always follow the advice of others. This type of people, no opinion or it is suppressed by others. They were thin and pale, very silent. Their thoughts and experiences living inside them and not go outside. What do you think they are always about the poor, they have no positive thoughts.

Such people are very touchy, but do not show their feelings and keep them in yourself. Often melancholic tears in his eyes.

For these people suitable for a quiet and reasonable work that does not need to show their emotions.

The choleric is the most energetic people. This type emotions are constantly changing, while they have a lot of gesticulating and talking loudly. It started they throw halfway, as any work they may quickly get bored.

In this type of people a lot of energy, which they very quickly change. Work for the choleric should be constantly changing, then they will not have time to get tired.

For this type of important communication and presentation.

In every man there is no one obvious type of personality, they are all confused, what exactly is this or that person is difficult to determine, because in different circumstances may prevail one or the other trait.

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