The main methods of treatment of uterine fibroids

Hormonal therapy in the treatment of fibroids of the uterus at this stage is usually applied for preoperative preparation of the patient. Mainly used for this purpose, the agonists of GnRH, which, when properly administered help reduce fibroids by 35-50%. Due to this reduction in the size of tumors becomes possible to carry out organ-preserving surgical intervention (removal of myomas without amputation of the uterus). However, in the case where the operation is not carried out after carrying out of hormonal therapy for a month and a half, fibroids again begins to grow. In addition, medication is not recommended for more than six months, so how big is the risk of unwanted side effects (dysfunction of the cardiovascular and skeletal systems).

Recently started to use an alternative method of treatment of uterine fibroids Moscow - embolization of the uterine arteries. This minimally invasive surgery is only performed by vascular surgeons in the conditions of a specially equipped operating intercabinet. The essence of treatment -- "plugging" (embolization) of small blood vessels that nourish myomatous nodes, special embolizing substance. In the myoma, being without makeup, gradually dries out. The procedure is uterine artery embolization lasts 15 minutes - 1.5 hours. However three months later, the size of the fibroids is reduced by 40--45 %. Relapses usually excluded. This type of embolization can be performed if the diagnosis of a patient of any size myomatous nodes. The exception is the presence of the patient subserous fibroids on the leg or suspected cancer of the genital organs malignant nature. Contraindications to the embolization of the uterine arteries are:

renal failure;

- inflammation in the pelvic organs;

allergic reactions to the contrast agent;

- blood clotting disorders.

Method of embolization is one of the most progressive methods of uterine fibroid. At the same time, myomatous node on a thin stalk usually successful is removed by laparoscopic. If the fibroid is located in the abdomen, it is best to perform the operation hysteroscopically.

Recently have been introduced into clinical practice a method of remote ablation of myomatous nodes (BMF-MRI - ablation). This procedure is to conduct heat to the fibroids beam of ultrasound (focused) under the control of magnetic resonance imaging. As a result of such manipulations is thermal necrosis and destruction of tumor cells. The main advantages of this technique is painless, non-invasive, no blood loss and the need for anesthesia of any type. However, there are some drawbacks - many contraindications, weak sensitivity of myomatous nodes to this effect, a significant percentage of relapses.

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