The main methods of hair removal

Hair removal is a procedure with which women are familiar not by hearsay. Despite this, let's talk about the main types of epilation and their peculiarities.

So, if this procedure removes only the hair follicles remain), then this is a temporary hair removal. It includes: shaving, applying various creams for hair removal, etc. the Main advantage of this method of unwanted hair is the speed, any woman, at home, will be able to shave off or remove by excess hair cream. However, this method has disadvantages, the biggest of which is that during shaving, the skin is injured, in addition, unwanted hair, a few days later, again "punched out".

When epilating the hair along with the onion at home, women use tweezers, wax or epilator. The main disadvantage of this method, in painfulness, in addition, inappropriate conduct one of the following procedures, the chances of ingrown hairs. However, hair removal using wax or tweezers epilator will forget about the hair for a long time.

Today there are other, more modern methods of hair removal, the main advantages of which are painless and saved for a considerable amount of time. Such methods include electrolysis is usually and photoepilation, however, in the home using these methods will not succeed, and therefore have to turn to a professional cosmetology.

Under the electrolysis is usually understand hair removal, influenced by special electrode, which destroys the hair follicle. If you decide to use this method, you need patience as it takes a long time. Also, do not forget about the fact that this method is not suitable for hair removal in sensitive areas: bikini zone and deep bikini.

Revolutionary technology is photoepilation, which is completely painless and suitable for combating hair in all places. The advantages of this method are able to evaluate a great number of women, in part, that's why almost every modern center for professional beauty offers this method of dealing with hair to their clients.

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When photoepilation is normal light, which is absolutely safe, its structure is quite close to the sun. Harmful UV rays in its composition no. The integrity of the skin with this method is not broken, and therefore, there is no pain and the possibility of infection. The timing of this procedure depends mainly on the "square" part of the body exposed to light.

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