The main male hormone affects the integrity of men - scientists

Recent research by German scientists prove that testosterone has a truly versatile effect. It not only determines the development of male sexual characteristics, affect libido but also increases the integrity of the person. In addition, high levels of testosterone often combined with leadership qualities.

The study involved 90 men, who were divided into two groups. The first group within a certain time received testosterone, the second placebo. After such drug effects men suggested to play dice. The participants of the experiment was allowed to cheat, and excitement has established a large prize Fund.

The study showed that men with high levels of testosterone rarely resorted to fraud and played fair. This may be due to increased self-esteem and sense of pride that develop in response to the hormone.


Recall that earlier research group of Institute name of Howard Hughes proved that women have greater resistance to infection than men. Part of this is caused by the depressing action of testosterone, which in the male body is much more.

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