The main causes of hemorrhoids

In the last few years, the problem of hemorrhoids concerns of an increasing number of people. Let us try to understand the reasons for the appearance of unpleasant diseases.

The formation of hemorrhoids contributes to the stagnation of blood in the vessels of the intestine, which is caused by sudden changes of pressure in the abdominal cavity. A similar phenomenon in the first place, is because man is not moving. Those at risk include representatives of the professions, which require the execution of operations in a sitting position. This cashiers, drivers, editors, secretaries, programmers, economists, and so on.

The main causes of hemorrhoids:

The risk of developing hemorrhoids rapidly increases when long time without a break is near the computer. Today, the computer is the "culprit" is rapidly growing number of cases of hemorrhoid among young people.

The propensity for alcohol, poor diet (as a result, indigestion) to be a source of systematic constipation, which contribute to the formation of hemorrhoidal inflammation.

The second major cause of the disease is a weakening of the connective tissue in the pelvic region. This disease is common among the elderly.

According to this indicator, those at risk include pregnant or have recently given birth, women. After all, they have a sharp weakening of the body, tissues and organs of the abdomen and pelvis.

The load on the connective tissue is an issue of people involved in sports or active physical work. For example, in the process lifting the professionals (loaders, weightlifters) activates all muscle groups, are no exception and muscles of the anus. "Wear out" those muscles much faster that triggers hemorrhoids. In addition, the occurrence of hemorrhoids affected gymnasts, wrestlers and riders.

Disease development can be defined as external causes of hemorrhoids, and genetic predisposition. Poor joints and muscles, disruption of blood vessels can be transmitted hereditary, that is the cause of diseases, including hemorrhoids.

Summarizing all said above, hemorrhoids can be avoided by clearly following a simple preventive measures: activity, proper nutrition, strict adherence to routines, exercises.

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