The main causes of hemorrhoids. Where does this disease?

Hemorrhoids are a kind of varicose vein disease. When this condition suffer from venous sinuses of the rectum.The blood stagnates in the hemorrhoidal veins, sinuses increase, as a result, the formation of knots. Nodes can be placed into the submucosal layer or subcutaneously.

The main cause of hemorrhoids is absence of valvular apparatus veins of the rectum. Veins are capacitance vessels, not able to push the blood towards the heart. For normal venous blood there is a system of connective tissue valves located in the walls of blood vessels. But in the walls of blood vessels included in the hemorrhoidal plexus, and in the upper pryamokishechnye Vienna valves is not there.

In addition to the absence of valves cause of varicose veins of the rectum becomes decreased elasticity of the vascular wall. In most vessels, elastic fibers are absent, but in hemorrhoidal they complement the smooth muscle with the aim to compensate the absence of valves and help to push the blood into the system of the inferior Vena cava. The decrease in the number of elastic and smooth muscle fibers in the inner membrane of the blood vessels occurs as a person ages.

Hyposmocoma intestinal dyskinesia, or simply constipation force due to the contraction of the muscles to increase intra-abdominal pressure, resulting in increased pressure in the veins of the rectum, which gradually leads to their expansion with the formation of hemorrhoids.

Other conditions contributing to the development of hemorrhoids, not so fatal and can be adjusted. What causes hemorrhoids? The reasons that stimulate varicose venous sinuses of the rectum can be grouped on the behavioral and food.

For behavioral reasons or particular lifestyles are an extended stay in a sitting position (increases the stagnation in the small pelvis), pregnancy (uterus compresses the inferior Vena cava, indirectly increasing the pressure in the hemorrhoidal veins), heavy physical work (lifts weights cause a sharp rise of pressure in the hemorrhoidal the sinuses, the same thing happens in childbirth), a long standing (increases congestion in the veins of the legs and the pelvis).

Food circumstances: spicy food, alcohol cause overflow of blood hemorrhoidal veins.

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