The main cause of marital strife - the struggle for supremacy

According to information published by the Star, Belarski University conducted a survey among couples on the subject of the most common reasons for quarrels in the family. In the first place was the problem of control. When making any decision in a pair of starts competing the competition, resulting in more often and there are quarrels between the spouses.

Participants in the poll were 455 couples aged 18 to 77 years who are married from one year to fifty-five years. The main research questions was: what was expected by the couple at odds? The answer turned out to be in most cases the same control over the situation.

The second most popular was the response: when the problem occurs, one of the spouses decides to make concessions and agree in search of mutual compromise when one side loses its leading position, resulting in a loss of status. The result of a single one of the partners must retreat. The position of the second - any way to preserve their status in the pair.

Some couples decide to withdraw from the competition for status and struggle for control for the sake of the relationship. The main reason for quarrels between husband and wife was the lack of communication and attention. However, the brand did not need an apology from each other.

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