The magic potato - a great alternative to complex multivitamin

For a long time nutritionists have made every attempt to ignore potatoes, but now experts say that the potato has become a new product that is superior to others. In potatoes, it turns out, contains a large number of very useful for the body elements, writes The Daily Mail.

In particular, the potato contains 5.5 times more fiber than it is contained in the banana. Also in these magical tubers more vitamin C than its contain three avocado. By the way, on the basis of last year's survey scientists have proved the following: "if you eat potatoes 2 times a day, so you can lower blood pressure and was not to gain weight".

This time, Sigrid Gibson - nutritionist has established that: "In potatoes you can find many times more selenium than it contains all the nuts and seeds together". Sian porter - the representative of the British Association of nutrition and a member of the organization Potato Council, in turn, States: "All people tend to forget about the old, and this happened to so beloved by all of the potatoes.

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Active and sometimes aggressive advertising "Superfoods from", with relatively high cost and rarity, has discouraged people to potatoes. This factor has created the myth that the potato is the biggest threat to the waist. Actually, say, bananas as a life-giving source of potassium can replace the magic potato tuber.

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