The love of chocolate is useful for men

Scientists were always confident that chocolate is good for health. A new study conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Aberdeen (Scotland), was another proof of this statement. A more comprehensive study showed that chocolate is good, especially for men's health.

Experiments have shown that chocolate is better absorbed by the male body, thus giving him a more positive result. It is known that dark chocolate is the prevention of stroke and cardiovascular disease, and similar protection from these diseases, it is best manifested in men.

Just participated in experiment 26 women and 16 men. He showed that eaten a few pieces of chocolate normalize the process of circulation, both men and women.

But in women after two hours, this effect ceases to act, and in men lasts up to 4 hours.

The function of the arteries positively influence the flavanols, substances contained in cocoa. This is a positive effect of chocolate on the human body. Also, these substances, vessels better relax, and the number of angiogenic cells circulating in the blood vessels, increases two times. By this action, the vessels become more healthy, and the risk of death from diseases of the cardiovascular system is reduced.

According to recent studies, eating chocolate prevents the adhesion of platelets, which, in turn, prevents the formation of blood clots - blood clots, which can lead to blockage of blood vessels, heart attack and stroke.

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