"The love hormone" effect on social activity of the person

In every human body contains the hormone oxytocin. Some call it the "love hormone". The substance determines the social activity of man. These findings did American scientists from the Medical school at Stanford University.

It is known that the hormone determines the emotional connection between the child and matter. The present study confirms that the concentration of oxytocin affects social human activity. This is confirmed by experiments on laboratory mice, which were injected with this hormone and conducted other experiments. Disabling receptors oxytocin, for example, the mouse became anti-social and less socialized with their neighbors.

Localized receptors in the centre of the brain responsible for the production of serotonin - the hormone of joy. Scientists believe that the study will further help them in the treatment of mental disorders in autism. Currently, the treatment of this disease is impossible, since there is no effective drug and the exact mechanism of the disease development, a well-known scientist.

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