"The love hormone" causes people to lie

A group of psychologists from the University. Ben-Gurion University in be'er-Sheva conducted a study which found that "the love hormone" oxytocin makes people to lie if the lie is in the spectrum of their interests. Detailed information about the opening of the published scientific publication Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

To confirm their judgments scientists present the results of the experiment. Scientists have recruited two groups of volunteers: one received placebo, other hormone oxytocin.

During the experiment it was found that volunteers from the second group are much more willing to go for a lie and a variety of tricks, if they were interesting particular person or an entire group. Note, lied the second group willingly, not realizing that other people in the group lie too.

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The study confirms that oxytocin is an ancient hormone that defines the behavior of the person, the degree of trust between them. Elevated levels of oxytocin leads to the fact that the individual commits a framework of morality, but here's the next question: "Every lie is immoral?"

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