The liver can destroy cells of the immune system

Scientists from the University of Sydney argued that the liver can kill cells of the immune system. This discovery could be the beginning for a new method of struggle with rejection by the body of transplants, and will also help fight hepatitis.

In 2004, scientists noticed that a healthy liver cells can absorb active immune t-cells, now scientists have found that the liver actually destroys these cells.

This discovery sheds light on the statistics that the liver transplant is much less rejected than other organs.

In the study of the liver cells of mice was swallowed by the t cells of the immune system ( although the "cannibalism" among cells has previously been seen only in the case of cancer). Potentially, the study opens up new methods to combat rejection of transplant organs. The amazing properties of the liver can replace multiple immunosuppressive drugs, are forced to accept patients who are preparing for a transplant. However, this suppression of the immune system makes open to different viruses, as well as podzuzhivaet their heart.

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