The list of health requirements for offices in the hot season

Generally, the hottest month of the year in Russia often happens July, referring to this experience, the CPS gave a few pointers on maintaining the microclimate in offices to secure the health of employees that employers will need to implement by July.

Temperature limit should not be above 26-28 degrees Celsius.

Humidity should be reduced, but not to fall below 55%.

The air at the workplace should not be standing, with the help of ventilation should be organized his circulation.

When the temperature in the workplace the above guidance should be carried out among staff Wellness activities, i.e. to install air-conditioners, to establish the ventilation flow-through ventilation, to equip the area with cool temperatures, to introduce breaks at work for cooling.

If management will not be able to implement instructions or to maintain the temperature below the prescribed limits, then the duration of the working day in July, it is recommended to cut. All heads of organizations and enterprises, regardless of ownership, are obliged to bring jobs to their employees in accordance with the requirements of Sanitary norms.

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