The likelihood of heart disease can reduce the choice in favor of coffee

If systematically (mean regularly) to drink coffee, but of course in moderation, it is possible to protect yourself from fatal to the organism cardiac arrest, as well as to reduce risk to get diabetes of the 2nd type. These findings were presented by scientists, which were published in the journal Circulation Heart Failure, reports the press Agency RIA "Novosti". However, if there is an overdose of coffee, imminent likelihood of serious heart problems.

Murray Mittelman employee of the Medical center of diaconic Beth Israel says: "About two cups of coffee a day will meet the reduction (by at least 11%) risk of heart attack. But, in the case of consumption of five or six large cups a day, you want to be prepared for possible complications with your health.

According to statistics 2001-2011 and indicators 6 522 thousand cases of heart among about 140 thousand Finns and Swedes, coffee consumption in moderation, no doubt, carry a positive effect. And this suggests that coffee can drink even cores.

However, in the research process, no account was taken of the following factors: the strength of the drinks and the presence of caffeine in it. And yet, the experts find it difficult to answer the question of why coffee is so good for the heart. It is not excluded that regular consumption of coffee guarantees resistance to caffeine, which increases the pressure.

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