The likelihood of developing stomach cancer increases if you frequently receive drugs for heartburn

According to research conducted by specialists of the University of Hong Kong and University College London, long-term use of proton pump inhibitors with a high probability doubles the risk of stomach cancer.

The research was conducted with the participation 63397 volunteers for 7 days taking PPIS in combination with two antibiotic agents. Scientists have analyzed the pharmacological effects of drugs based on the comparison of STI drugs from heartburn that blocks H2 histamine receptors. The studies revealed the development of stomach cancer in 0.24% of the participants in the experiment, which excluded the influence of Helicobacter pylor.

The acceptance of IPP contributed to a more than twofold increase in risk of stomach cancer. Performance is directly depended on the duration of supplementation. 5 times increased risk of the disease in patients who took PPIS for 1 year. 6 times more risk the volunteers who took the drugs for 2 years or more. Have used PPIS for 3 years or more, the likelihood of developing cancer increased 8 times. Drugs that block H2-histamine receptors, cancer of the stomach is not affected.

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