The life expectancy of optimists is smaller than that of the pessimists

Optimists live longer compared to pessimists. This was stated by scientists from the USA, which investigated the relationship between optimism and lifespan.

Experts conducted an experiment, which was attended by 69 744 1429 women and men. According to the results of the study found that women who perceive the reality "on the positive", unable to live 15% longer, and the representatives of the stronger sex by 11%.

In the experiment, it was found that the optimists prefer a healthy lifestyle. Armed with a positive attitude, they are able to more successfully solve the challenges they face, due to the fact that they are more self-confident.

People with an optimistic attitude tend to better tolerate stress, i.e., easier to recover from them.

Earlier, scientists managed to establish that thanks to the optimism improves sleep quality, since a positive attitude contributes to a more successful coping with stress, and also it helps to relax. Experts believe that when a person is able to see the positive side in any situation, and his health significantly improved.

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