The life expectancy of children born these days will be longer

According to the economist, the British Royal Foundation John Appleby, in the world there is a tendency of increase in the number of centenarians. For example, among born in 1951 girls, only 13 percent had to live up to their hundredth anniversary, the newspaper The Telegraph.

If to take into account the children born this year, it likely to mark 100 years to live almost 40 percent. If the trend is expected to grow at a pace that is already 60 percent of girls who are born in 2060, will celebrate his birthday in 2160 year.

About male children can say that they have a life expectancy shorter than girls, but there is a trend of increasing duration. This is particularly noticeable among the rich.

The economist also recommends to pay attention to the fact that if a man lives long, it does not mean that he had excellent health. His anxiety about the future of planet Earth and its population. The number of elderly will continue to increase, the planet will require more resources for their maintenance, and labor is not to be missed. Plus, everything in the world is less and less born children. This means that the update is not happening.

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