The life expectancy of Americans is lower than that of residents of other developed countries

Gosudarstvo USA published in his report shocking figures. It turns out that Americans are much more likely to die at a young age, accident or illness, than citizens of other countries with high development.

This study was conducted by specialists from the Institute of Medicine and the US National Research Council, which concluded that U.S. citizens in poor health, and their life span is much shorter.

Amazing is the fact that even prosperous citizens of America who have medical insurance, have higher education, play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle, have poorer health outcomes than people in developed countries such as the UK, Australia, Japan. Just was compared in 16 countries with high development. The duration of the study was 18 years, from 1990 to 2008.

The life expectancy of Americans during the study period was much lower than in other countries. But in recent years this gap has widened, particularly affected women. And this in the case that the budget expenditure on health care in the United States much more than in other countries.

9 points of the study results were very bad. Among them, the high mortality among infants, which is associated with the killing and injuries, the largest number of cases of pregnancy in adolescence, as well as the majority of sexually transmitted diseases among adolescents.

Drugs and alcohol the most influence on mortality rates in the United States. From them kills more citizens than in other countries. America ranks first in obesity and diabetes, and the number of deaths due to heart disease - USA in second place. Also Americans die more often due to lung disease, than the citizens of other countries.

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Of positive note, death from stroke and cancer people over 75 years of age, are better things with cholesterol, and cigarette consumption than in other countries.

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