The level of intelligence of the child allows to predict its future

A group of experts from the leading universities in the UK concluded that high IQ scores exhibited in childhood, are the key to a long life, and a significant reduction in the likelihood of developing a number of diseases.

This fact was possible in the assessment of the health status of sixty-five thousand volunteers at the age of seventy-nine years. It turned out that those who have high IQ, are significantly less likely to die from various heart diseases, strokes, cancer and respiratory diseases, as well as different kind of injury, dementia and diseases associated with the digestive tract.

With every additional fifteen IQ points guaranteed reduced risk of death from respiratory disease by almost a third. The probability of death resulting from coronary disease was reduced by a quarter, stroke by twenty four percent.

The same fifteen additional items reduced the chance of dying from bladder cancer at nineteen percent, lung cancer by twenty-five percent, and malignant tumours in the bowel by eleven percent.

Speaking about the reasons for such regularities, scientists are not yet ready and assume that people with well-developed intellect pay more attention to their own health, lead a healthier lifestyle and have good genetics.

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